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About Tanzania

Flag TanzaniaTreat yourself to an unforgettable journey through the land of unmatched splendor. Located on the Indian Ocean, Tanzania is blessed with many natural wonders. Within its borders lies Mount Kilimanjaro with an elevation of 5895 meters. The Olduvai Gorge located in the northern part of the country is considered the cradle of humanity. The famous Serengeti, which in the language of the Maasai means "the endless plains," is a world heritage site.   At nearly 15,000 sq. km., extending from northern Tanzania to southern Kenya, it is one of the world's largest parks. Africa's highest predator density is found in Ngorongoro Crater, also a world heritage site. Tanzania is also home to a third world heritage site, the Selous Game Reserve, which encompasses an area of over 50,000 sq. km. Tanzania contains numerous lakes within its borders.  Lake Victoria, Africa's largest lake, lies largely in northern Tanzania.  Lake Malawi, with it's crystal clear waters, is to the south.  Located on the western border is Lake Tanganyika. The Indian Ocean, along the eastern coast, offers relaxation on tropical, palm-fringed beaches. Tanzania's bustling commercial capital is Dar es Salaam or "Harbor of Peace".  Home to about three million people, it is known for one of the finest natural harbors in the world. Boats depart daily to the white beaches of the coral island of Zanzibar, known for centuries for its spice trade.  Even today, the old style Arab sailing ships, or dhows, are used to make this journey.